Soy la reina de los mares

Lyrics - Spanish

(Folk song from Spain)

Soy la reina de los mares
Y tú no lo puedes ser,
Tiro mi pañuelo al suelo
Y lo vuelvo a recoger.

Pañuelito, pañuelito,
Quién te pudiera tener
Guardadito en el bolsillo
como un pliego de papel.

English Translation – I am the queen of the seas

I’m the queen of the seas
And you can’t be
I throw my handkerchief on the ground
And I pick it up again.

Handkerchief, handkerchief,
who could have you
Keep it in your pocket
like a sheet of paper.


This song is a jump rope song. A person drops the handkerchief and picks it up again while jumping.

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