Zahab El-Laylo

Lyrics – Transliteration

(Egyptian folk song)

zahab el-laylo talaa alfagr wal asfour sawsaw
shaf elqotta allaha bes bes aletlo nau nau
mama qaletlo seeb elqotta we khaleha f’ halha
sab madrasto we rama korasto we rah gar shakalha
rahet elotta mekharbesha edo lamma mesek delha
wady gazaa elly mayesmaash kelma mama teoulha

English Translation – Night gone

The night has ended and the sun has risen and the bird sang saw saw.
He saw the cat he said to her “bes bes,” she said “nau nau.”
His mom said, “Leave the cat alone.”
He left the school and threw his notebook and he bothered the cat.
She scratched his hand when he pulled her tail.
And that’s the end of someone who doesn’t obey his mom.

Arabic – ذهب الليل

ذهب الليل طلع الفجر والعصفور صوصو
شاف القطة قالها بسبس قالت له نونو

ماما قالت له سيب القطة وخليها في حالها
ساب مدرسته ورمى كراسته وراح جر شكلها
راحت القطة مخربشة إيده لما مسك ديلها
وأدي جزاة اللي ميسمعش كلمة ماما تقولها

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