So ro godt barn

Lyrics - Norwegian

(Norwegian folk song)

So ro, godt barn,
Mor spinner blått garn.
By, by liten ting
snart kommer far din
Far kjører plogen,
søster går i skogen
Søster gjeter sauene
langt nord i hauene
Bror går i uren og
blåser i luren
Bukken går i lunden
med lauv og gras i munnen

English Translation – Hush now, good child

So calm down, good child,
Mother spins blue yarn.
City, city little thing
your father is coming soon
Dad drives the plow,
sister walks in the woods
Sister shepherds the sheep
far north in the mounds
Brother goes in unclean and
blows the phone
The goat walks in the grove
with leaves and grass in the mouth

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