Dong, Dong, Dongdaemun

Lyrics - Revised Romanization

(South Korean folk song)

Dong, Dong, Dongdaemuneul yeoreora,
Nam, Nam, Namdaemuneul yeoreora,
Yeol dusiga doemyeoneun, (or jinamyeon,)
Muneul danneunda.

English Translation

Open the East, East, East Grand Gate,
Open the South, South, South Grand Gate,
When it’s at twelve sharp,
The gates are closed.

Korean (Hangul) – 동, 동, 동대문을

동, 동, 동대문을 열어라,
남, 남, 남대문을 열어라,
12시가 되면은, (or 지나면,)
문을 닫는다.


Formation: Two students hold hands to form a gate. Other students are in a line, ready to go under the gate.

Sing the song. At the end, the students lower their hands and catch a student. That students becomes one of the students to form the gate.

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