Lyrics - Portuguese

(Folk song from Portugal)

Sapateia meu bem, sapateia!
Ai, vira e volta à sapateia!
Ó quantas vezes! Ó quantas
O jantar serve de ceia!

1. Muito bem fica um sapato
Ai, à porta dum sapateiro!
Mais linda fica uma moça
Ao lado dum rapaz solteiro! Refrain

2. Se o padre cura soubesse
Ai, o que a sapateia tem!
Largava de dizer missa,
Sapateava também… Refrain

English Translation – Tap Dance

Tap dance my darling, do tap dance!
Ah, turn and go back in the dance!
Oh, how many times! Oh, how many times
Dinner serves as a supper!

1. A shoe looks great
Oh, at the door of a shoemaker!
More beautiful is a girl
Beside a single boy! Refrain

2. If the healing priest knew
Oh, what the shoe has!
I would stop saying mass,
He would also tap dance… Refrain
(source) (source: google translate)

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