Saint Patrick’s Day


(Irish folk tune, Lyrics M.J. Barry, 1918)

1. Oh blessed be the days when the green banner floated
Sublime o’er the mountains of free Innisfail,
When her sons to her glory and freedom devoted,
Defied the invader to tread her soil,
When backed o’er the main they chased the Dane,
And gave to religion and learning their spoil,
When valor and mind together combined.
But wherefore lament o’er the glories departed,
Her stars shall shine out with as vivid a ray,
For ne’er had she children more brave and true-hearted,
Than those she now sees on Saint Patrick’s Day.

2. Her scepter, alas, passed away to the stranger,
And treason surrendered what valor hath held,
But true hearts remained amid darkness and danger,
Which ‘spite of her tyrants would not be quelled.
Oft, oft, through the night flashed gleams of light
Which almost the darkness of bondage dispelled,
But a star now is near, her heaven to cheer,
Not like the wild gleams which so fitfully darted,
But long to shine down with its hallowing ray
On daughters as fair, and on sons as true-hearted,
As Erin beholds on Saint Patrick’s Day.

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