Doha ya doha

Lyrics – Transliteration

(Folk song from Saudi Arabia)

Doha ya doha
walkaebih banuha
w zumzim rushuha
baba safar makah
jabili zinbayl kaekah
walkaekih fi almukhzin
w almukhzin yahtaj miftah
walmuftah eind alnajar

English Translation

Doha ya doha
And the Kaaba* they built
And Zamzam** bribed it
Father traveled to Mecca
He got me ginger cake
And the cake is in the store
And the store needs a key
The key is with the carpenter

*Kaaba = building at the center of Islam’s most important mosque

**Zamzam = holy well

Arabic – دوهة يا دوهة

دوهة يا دوهة
والكعبه بنوها
و بالزمزم رشوها
بابا سافر مكه
جابلي زنبيل كعكه
والكعكه في المخزن
و المخزن يحتاج مفتاح
والمفتاح عند النجار

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