This source says this song is from Brazil, but the lyrics are in Spanish, not Portuguese.

Lyrics - Spanish

(Brazilian folk song)

Cangrejito, cangrejito,
Cangrejito de coral
Cangrejito pata chueca que no sabe caminar

Siempre de costado
Viene y va
Siempre de costado
Cangrejito de coral

English Translation - Little Crab

Little crab, little crab
Little crab of the coral
Little crab, crooked leg doesn’t know how to walk

Always sideways
Comes and goes,
Always sideways
Little crab of the coral


Formation: Students stand in a circle holding hands.

  • Ms. 1-8 – Students sing and walk to the right 
  • Ms. 9-16 – Students walk sideways while making pinching motions. (source)

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