Yağ satarım bal satarım


Yağ satarım bal satarım
Ustam ölmüş ben satarım
Alacağına, bulacağına
Bir kaşık ayran
Yarın sabah bayram.

Yağ satarım, bal satarım,
Ustam öldü, ben satarım.
Ustamın kürkü sarıdır.
Satsam on beş liradır
Zam-bak Zum-bak
Dön arkana iyi bak

Translation – I Sell Oil I Sell Honey

I sell oil I sell honey
My master is dead, I sell
You will get it, you will find it
A spoonful of buttermilk
Tomorrow morning feast.

I sell oil, I sell honey,
My master is dead, I’ll sell it.
My master’s fur is yellow.
If I sell it is fifteen liras
Zam-bak Zum-bak
Turn back take care

Recorder notes GAB


Formation: Students sit in a circle with one student who is “It” standing outside the circle holding a handkerchief.

When the song begins, “It” walks around the outside of the circle. At the end, “It” drops the handkerchief behind one student. That student picks up the handkerchief and chases “It” around the circle until “It” sits in the spot that was vacated by the second child.

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