How Many Miles to Babylon


(English folk song)

Call – How many miles to Babylon?
Response – Three score and ten.
Call – Can I get there by candle-light?
Response – Yes and back again.
Call – Open your gates and let us through.
Response – Not without a beck and boo.
There’s the beck, there’s the boo
Open your gates and let us through.


Formation: Students in 2 rows facing each other (Row 1 and Row 2).

Measures 1-12:
Row 1 sings the Call.
Row 2 sings the Response.
Optional: Each time a row sings, they step forward 4 steps and back up 4 steps when then other row is singing.
Measures 13-14 – On the word “beck,” everyone leans back. On the word “boo,” everyone bows forward.
Measures 15-16 – Row 2 holds hands and raises them to form an arch. Row 1 students walk through the arch, and rows change places.

Recorder Notes G, A, B, D'

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