(American folk song)

Come, all you bold sailors that follow the Lakes
On an iron ore vessel, your living to make;
I shipped in Chicago, bid adieu to the shore,
Bound away to Escanaba for red iron ore.

Derry Down, Down, Down, Derry Down.

In the month of September, the seventeenth day,
Two dollars and a quarter is all they would pay,
And on Monday morning from Bridgeport did take
The E. C. Roberts out in the lake. Refrain

The wind from the southard sprang up a fresh breeze,
And away through Lake Michigan the Roberts did sneeze,
Down through Lake Michigan the Roberts did roar,
And on Friday morning we passed through death’s door. Refrain

This packet she howled across the mouth of Green Bay,
And before her cut water she dashed the white spray;
We rounded the sand point, our anchor let go,
We furled in our canvas and the watch went below. Refrain

Now my song it is ended, I hope you won’t laugh,
Our dunnage is packed and all hands are paid off;
Here is health to the Roberts, she’s staunch, strong and true,
Not forgotten the bold boys that comprise her crew. Refrain

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