Lyrics - Spanish

(Folk song)

Doña Ana no está aquí,
Está en su vergel;
Abriendo la rosa y cerrando el clavel.

Spoken: ¿Dónde está Doña Ana?

English Translation - Mrs. Ana

Miss Ana isn’t here
She’s in the garden
Opening the rose and closing the carnation.

Spoken: Where is Mrs. Ana?


Formation: Students stand in a circle around one student, who is “Doña Ana.”

Students hold hands and circle while singing. After students ask the question, Doña Ana answers with a task she is doing, such as:

  • Se está peinando (She is combing [her hair]
  • Se está bañando [She is bathing]
  • Está limpiando [She is cleaning]

After several answers, Doña Ana says, “¡Doña Ana se murió! [Doña Ana died!]” or ¡Doña Ana ya se fué! [Doña Ana left!] Doña Ana gets up and chases someone to become the new Doña Ana.

Recorder Notes D, G, A, B, C'

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