Doña Ana


Optional: Another version repeats the melody of the first eight measures over and over again.

Lyrics - Spanish

(Folk song)

Doña Ana no está aquí,
Está en su vergel;
Abriendo la rosa y cerrando el clavel.

Vamos a dar la vuelta al toro-toronjil,
A ver a Doña Ana comiendo perejil.

Doña Ana (Student playing Mrs. Ana):
¿Quien es esta gente que pasa por aquí
Que ni de día ni de noche me dejan dormir?

Somos los estudiantes que venimos a estudiar
A la capillita de la Virgen del Pilar

Students: ¿Cómo está, Doña Ana?
Doña Ana: mejor, grave o muerta

English Translation - Mrs. Ana

Mrs. Ana is not here,
She is in her garden;
Opening the rose and closing the carnation.

Let’s go around the lemon balm
To see Mrs. Ana eating parsley.

Doña Ana (Student playing Mrs. Ana):
Who are these people who pass by here
That neither day nor night let me sleep?

We are the students that come to study
To the chapel of the Virgin of the Pillar*

Students: How are you, Doña Ana?
Doña Ana: better, gravely ill or dead (See game instructions below)

*Cathedral in Zaragoza, Spain


Formation: Students stand in a circle around one student (“Doña Ana” or “Mrs. Ana” or “It”). “It” sits in the middle while the students hold hands and circle around her singing. “It” sings, “¿Quien es esta gente…” The students respond, “Somos los estudiantes…”

After singing, the students ask the questions, and “It” answers. She can answer the question either, “She has a fever,” or “She is dying,” or “She is dead!” When she finishes saying, “She is dead,” “It” jumps up and runs after the students. Whoever she catches becomes the next “It.”

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