Auntie wither go,
And what carry you?
Ducks and geese and ducks and geese and ducks!

Tra la la, La la la la,
Tra la la, La la la la,
Tra la la, La la la la,
Tra la la, la.


Double circle or scattered formation around the room: Couples face each other, holding hands.

Measure 1: Beat 1 – Boys step to the left (girls step to the right), bending knees and lifting arms up. Beat 2 – Boys bring the right foot to meet the left (girls, left to meet the right), arms down.

Measures 2,3,4: Repeat measure 1

Measures 5-6: Arms up, boys gallop quickly to the right (girls to the left).

Measure 7: All stomp on “ducks!”

Measures 8-15: Couples hold both hands and “polka” around the room. Optional: gallop instead.

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