Old Groundhog


(American folk song)

1. In come Daddy from the plow,
In come Daddy from the plow,
“I want some dinner and I want it now.”
Ground hog.

2. There’s a piece of bread a-laying on the shelf, (repeat)
“If you get any more you’ll get it yourself.” Ground hog.

3. He picked up his gun and he whistled to his dog, (repeat)
Off to the wild woods to catch a ground hog. Ground hog.

4. Two in a rock and two in a log, (repeat)
Good lawdamercy, what a big ground hog. Ground hog.

5. Run here, Sal, with a ten-foot pole, (repeat)
Twist this ground hog out of this hole. Ground hog.

6. Daddy returned in an hour and a half, (repeat)
He returned with a ground hog as big as a calf. Ground hog.

7. How them children whopped and cried, (repeat)
I love that ground hog stewed and fried. Ground hog.

8. Took him home and tanned his hide, (repeat)
Made the best shoe strings ever was tied. Ground hog.

9. Meat’s in the cover and the hide’s in the turn, (repeat)
If that ain’t ground hog, I’ll be durn. Ground hog.

10. In come Sal with a snigger and a grin, (repeat)
Ground hog gravy all over her chin. Ground hog.

11. Come here, Ma, and look at Sam, (repeat)
He ate all the meat and sopping up the pan. Ground hog.

12. Old Aunt Sal was the mother of them all, (repeat)
She fed them on ground hog before they could crawl. Ground hog.

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  • MIDI file
  • Listen to the song
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