Ciranda Cirandinha

Lyrics - Portuguese

(Brazilian folk song)

Ciranda, cirandinha,
Vamos todos cirandar
Vamos dar a meia volta,
Volta e meia vamos dar.

O anel que tu me destes
Era de vidro e se quebrou,
O amor que tu me tinhas
Era pouco e se acabou.

Por isso dona Sancha
Entre dentro desta roda
Diga um verso bem bonito,
Diga adeus e va-se embora.

English Translation - Circle, little circle

Circle, little circle,
Let’s all go around
Let’s turn around,
Come back and let’s go.

The ring that you gave me
It was glass and broke,
The love you had for me
It was little and it was over.

That’s why Mrs. Sancha
Enter this wheel
Say a pretty verse,
Say goodbye and walk away.

Circle Game

Students circle to the right for the first three measures. Halfway through the fourth measure, (“Vamos dar la media vuelta”) students circle to the left. Then, for the last phrase (halfway through the sixth measure: “Volta e meia vamos dar,”), circle right again.


  • Song with chords (PDF)
  • MIDI file
  • Listen to the song
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