(Folk song)

1. There was an old woman all skin and bones,

2. She lived down by the old graveyard…

3. One night she thought she’d take a walk…

4. She walked down by the old graveyard…

5. She saw the bones a-layin’ around…

6. She went to the closet to get a broom…

7. She opened the door and BOO!

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3 thoughts on “Skin and Bones”

  1. I am doing this song in chorus, It is really fun. One person Volunteers to be the door, and One person Volunteers to be the old lady. The bones, they sprawl out on the floor however the want. (The bones are kids) The old lady walks around in-between the bones. and picks up a leg or an arm. Then when it gets to the broom part, The old woman walks over to the door, and opens the doorknob (the door holds their hand out and makes a fist) and the door screams whatever they want instead of “BOO!” (They also could say “BOO!”)

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