Sing We Merry Christmas


(C. T. Bowen)

1. Sing we merry Christmas,
Christmas blithe and free,
Time of holy gladness,
Mirth and minstrelsy.
Hark! The merry church bells
Ringing joyously;
Hailing with sweet music
Christ’s nativity.

2. Haste we to His temple,
Wreath our garlands green;
Deck each arch and column,
Stall and alter-screen:
Gloria in excelsis
Hark, the angels sing!
Gloria in excelsis
To our Infant King.

3. Priest and choir and people,
Join in concert all;
Sing your loudest praises
At our festival.
Joy for us poor exiles,
On this happy morn;
Jesus Christ Emmanuel
Of David’s line was born.

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