See The Morning Fair And Bright


(Arthur H. Brown)

1. See, the morning fair and bright
Hail the Saviour come to save
All mankind from endless night!
On this day Himself He gave;
Left His Father’s throne above,
Crowned with mercy, peace, and love.

Hark! The herald angels sing;
Make the heavenly mansions ring;
All the hosts of heav’n proclaim
Christ is born, Christ is born,
Christ is born in Bethlehem.

2. Shepherds watching for the morn,
Heard the heavenly angels sing
Tidings great, “This day is born
Israel’s long-expected King!
For a sign, the heavenly Babe
In a manger now is laid.” Refrain

3. See the Eastern Sages led
By the Star which graced the morn,
To the place where oxen fed,
There the great I AM was born;
There they saw the Son of God,
Come to shed His precious blood. Refrain

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