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  • Kimchi Dreams: II. Slow and Smooth, with Resignation – Weily Shay – Amazon
  • Toccatina – The Powell Quartet – Amazon
  • Wind Octet in E-Flat Major, Op. 103: II. Andante – Winds of the Saxon State Orchestra – Amazon
  • Woodwind Quartet – I. Allegro giocoso (Walter S. Hadley) – University of Georgia Woodwind Quartet – Amazon
  • Winter Winds – II. Adagio; allegro; adagio (Roger C. Vogel) – University of Georgia Woodwind Quartet – Amazon
  • Instruments of the Orchestra: Reicha: Wood Quintet in A Minor (Theme) – Amazon


  1. Woodwinds Family Poster
  2. Word Search
  3. 2 Crosswords: 1 with instrument names, 1 with no names
  4. Woodwind Family Assessment
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