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CD included
Part I of the book explains the eras of music history and names many composers. Part II names all of the families and instruments. The instruments are photos, but there are also many illustrations. There is a chapter called “Keyboard Instruments” that includes organ, piano and harpsichord. The CD has 37 pieces (and excerpts) of pieces by some of the composers mentioned, orchestra families and most of the instruments.


CD included
This book has 176 pages and feels like a textbook, complete with Dictionary and Index in the back. The instruments are all photos, and they even include guitar, mandolin, recorder, voice, and electronic instruments. There is also a chapter on “The Keyboards,” which covers the harpsichord, piano and organ. The CD-Rom has more than 100 MP3s of instrument sounds and pieces, including instrument sounds not usually included, such as bass clarinet, contrabassoon and tubular bells (chimes) – and lesser-known instruments such as crotales and ondes martenot. It also includes digital photos of the instruments and htm links that open interactive web pages.


CD included
This book starts with a small (friendly) troll looking for his favorite piece of music (“In the Hall of the Mountain King” – Grieg). He travels through the orchestra, learning tons of details. The instruments are illustrated. There is a “Part-Time Members” page that includes saxophone, harp and piano. The CD has 37 pieces (and excerpts) of examples of what each orchestra family and instrument sounds like.


This book has 3 mice watching the orchestra play Beethoven’s 5th Symphony. This would be good for a child to read alone, there are buttons to push to listen to many of the instruments playing.


Delightful rhyming lyrics! You can listen to John Lithgow read the story with the instruments playing on YouTube here.
The YouTube version makes the book come alive.


Each instrument has a page of description with an illustration of an animal playing the instrument.


CD included
The author reads & sings the rhyming words. It’s a cute story of animals playing orchestra instruments.


This book is full of fun sounds that emulate instruments and environmental sounds. This would be good with soft and loud.

I Know a Shy Fellow Who Swallowed a Cello, Barbara S. Garriel
This is a fun version of the famous song, Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly, which names many instruments.

Little Creatures: An Introduction to Classical Music, Ana Gerhard
CD included
This book pairs five centuries of music history with “little creatures.”

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