Uga, uga, uga
Ba-ma-a-gal na-chu-ga
Nis-to-veyv ad kol ha-yom
Ad a-sher nim-tsa ma-kom
La-she-vet la-kum
La-she-vet la-kum
La-she-vet v’-la-kum


Circle, circle, circle [It now literally means “cake,” but an old version of the word means “circle”] We’ll spin around in a circle
We’ll go around all day
Until we find a place
To sit, to get up
To sit, to get up
To sit and to get up

Game / Dance

Students stand, holding hands in a circle. As they sing, they circle right. On “La-she-vet,” they crouch down, and on “la-kum,” they stand on their tip toes as they continue to walk to the right. Repeat the song several times, each time getting faster.


Below: Song pdf with chords, my adapted English version, beginner and intermediate dance steps & midi


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