Lyrics - Spanish

(Folk song from Puerto Rico)

Si me dan pasteles, dénmelos calientes,
Que pasteles fríos empachan la gente.

Si me dan arroz no me den cuchara,
Que mamá me dijo que se lo llevara.

Esta casa tiene las puertas de acero
Y el que vive en ella es un caballero.

Dios guarda esta casa y guarda la familia
Y que los Santos Reyes también las bendigan.

English Translation - If you give me pasteles*

If you give me pasteles*, give them to me hot,
Because cold pasteles give people a stomachache.

If you give me rice, don’t give me a spoon.
My mama told me to bring some to her

This house has gates of steel.
Whoever lives here must be a gentleman.

God watches over this house and watches over the family.
May the Three Kings also bless them.

*pasteles = Puerto Rican holiday dish, usually meat & sweet peppers wrapped in banana leaf.

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