Beat vs. No Beat

  • Play keyboard examples of songs with an obvious steady beat (i.e. march) and long, sustained tones for examples with “no beat.”
  • Or… play recordings while students circle “beat” or “no beat.”

For songs with an obvious steady beat, you could use:

  • John Philip Sousa marches
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart–Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
  • Hoe-down from “Rodeo” (Copland)
  • Mozart-Turkish March
  • J.S.Bach Piano Concerto No.7 in G minor

For songs with no obvious steady beat, choose something with long, sustained tones:

  • Gustav Mahler – Adagietto from Symphony no. 5
  • Holst – Mars from “The Planets Suite” – parts of it 
  • Barber’s Adagio For Strings, Op. 11 – parts of it
  • Chant of the Templars – Salve Regina


Steady Beat

No Beat


Sound effects

Steady Beat

No Beat



This book is full of fun sounds that emulate instruments and environmental sounds.


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