Rhythm Game

This game came be played with an entire class to practice rhythm patterns – and you can use whatever rhythm patterns you want. I include sixteenth note patterns below.

Directions: Divide the class into two groups. Group 1 rolls the dice to determine how many steps to take. If they land on a whole rest, they miss their turn; if they land on a star, they must all say the rhythm pattern that goes with that star. If all students say the pattern correctly (I allow for one person to make a mistake, but not more than one.), the group gets a point. Either way, the next team gets a turn. (If the other team makes any noise when it is not their turn, they lose a point.)

The entire board looks like this. Larger printable versions are available for download below.


(See downloads at bottom of page.)

or purchase here (printables only)

  • Printable Game and Sixteenth Note Cards (PDF)

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