Michigan My Michigan


While not the official state song of Michigan, U.S., this song more popular than the state song, My Michigan, which has a copyright..


(German folk tune, Lyrics by Winifred Lee Brent Lester, 1862)

(1862 lyrics)
Land of my love, I sing of thee,
Michigan, my Michigan;
With lake-bound shore, I’m proud of thee,
Michigan, my Michigan.
The sweet winds whisper through thy pines,
The jewels glitter in thy mines,
And glory on thy chaplet shines—
Michigan, my Michigan.

(1902 lyrics)
A song to thee, fair State of mine,
Michigan, my Michigan;
But greater song than this is thine,
Michigan, my Michigan;
The whisper of the forest tree,
The thunder of the inland sea;
Unite in one grand symphony
Of Michigan, my Michigan.

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