Marcha Real

Lyrics - Spanish

(There are no official lyrics, but according to Wikipedia, these are the proposed Spanish lyrics.)

¡Viva España! Cantemos todos juntos con distinta voz y un solo corazón.
¡Viva España! Desde los verdes valles al inmenso mar, un himno de hermandad.
Ama a la Patria pues sabe abrazar, bajo su cielo azul, pueblos en libertad.
Gloria a los hijos que a la Historia dan justicia y grandeza democracia y paz.

English Translation - Royal March

Long live Spain! Let’s sing together, with different voices, and only one heart.
Long live Spain! From the green valleys, to the immense sea, a hymn of brotherhood.
Love the Fatherland, which knows how to embrace, below its blue sky, people in freedom.
Glory to the sons who have given to history justice and greatness, democracy and peace. (source)

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