In and Out the Dusty Bluebells


(Folk song)

In and out those dusty bluebells,
In and out those dusty bluebells,
In and out those dusty bluebells,
You shall be my partner.

Tippy tippy tap tap on your shoulder…
You shall be my partner.


Formation: Students stand in a circle, holding hands up.

One student who is “It” runs in and out of the circle under the other students’ hands (see video). On the beginning of the second verse, “tippy tippy tap,” “It” lightly taps the shoulders of the closest student. That person becomes the next “It” – and the previous “It” follows behind the new “It.” The line gets longer and longer as more students are added to the front. Continue to repeat the song until there is one student left in the circle. That person joins the front of the line and leads the rest of the students around the room.


  • Song with chords (PDF)
  • MIDI file
  • Listen to the song
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2 thoughts on “In and Out the Dusty Bluebells”

  1. The timing of this is great- an Australian friend just showed me this a week and a half ago and I am including it in my book of singing games! Ha! Thanks for all you do to introduce new (and old) songs! 🙂

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