Lyrics - Hungarian

(Hungarian folk song)

Boci, boci tarka,
Se füle, se farka,
Oda megyünk lakni,
Ahol tejet kapni.

Boci, boci megfázott,
Varrtam neki nadrágot,
Nem akarta felvenni,
Ágyba kellett fektetni.

English Translation - Multi-Colored Cow

Cow, cow, multi-colored
No ears, no tail.
We will going to live at a place
Where we can get milk.

Cow, cow, caught a cold
I sewed him a pair of pants.
He didn’t want to put them on,
He had to be put into bed to rest.

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1 thought on “Boci Tarka”

  1. I’m Hungarian and wanted to offer one correction in the lyrics. The first line of the second verse is more accurately “cow, cow, caught a cold” or “got sick”.

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