Boci Tarka


Boci, boci tarka,
Se füle, se farka,
Oda megyünk lakni,
Ahol tejet kapni.

Boci, boci megfázott,
Varrtam neki nadrágot,
Nem akarta felvenni,
Ágyba kellett fektetni.


Cow, cow, multi-colored
No ears, no tail.
We will going to live at a place
Where we can get milk.

Cow, cow, caught a cold
I sewed him a pair of pants.
He didn’t want to put them on,
He had to be put into bed to rest.

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1 thought on “Boci Tarka”

  1. I’m Hungarian and wanted to offer one correction in the lyrics. The first line of the second verse is more accurately “cow, cow, caught a cold” or “got sick”.

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