Leather Winged Bat


(Folk song)

1. “Hi,” said the little leather winged bat,
“I’ll tell you the reason that,
The reason that I fly in the night
Is because I lost my heart’s delight.”

Lowdy dowdy diddle o dum,
Lowdy dowdy diddle o day,
Lowdy dowdy diddle o dum,
Hol lo do ri, do ri di um.

2. “Hi,” said the blackbird, sitting on a chair,
“Once I courted a lady fair,
She took fickle and turned her back,
And ever since then I’m dressed in black.” Refrain

3. “Hi,” said the woodpecker, sitting on a fence.
“Once I courted a handsome wench.
She changed her mind and from me fled.
And ever since then my hair’s been red.” Refrain

4. “Hi,” said the bluejay as she flew,
“If I were a young man I’d have two.
If one proved fickle and decided to go.
I’d have a new string for my bow.” Refrain

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