Our Flag is There


(American folk song)

1. Our flag is there, our flag is there. We’ll greet it with three loud huzzahs.
Our flag is there, our flag is there. Behold the glorious stripes and stars.
Stout hearts have fought for that bright flag.
Strong hands sustained it masthead high.
And oh, to see how proud it waves brings tears of joy to every eye.

2. That flag withstood the battle’s roar with foemen stout, with foemen brave,
Strong hands have sought that flag to lower and found a speedy watery grave.
That flag is known on every shore, the standard of a gallant band
Alike unstained in peace or war, it floats o’er freedom’s happy land.

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2 thoughts on “Our Flag is There”

  1. How can I get this MP3 and Midi file and song with chords. Please let me know. I would like to use this for Veterans Day program

    Thank You,

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