We are dancing in the forest
And the wolf is far away.
Who knows what will happen to us
If he finds us at our play?


One student is “wolf” and stands facing the corner. The rest of the students dance around the classroom while singing. On the last word, “play,” the students freeze, and the “wolf” turns around. The “wolf” walks around finding students who are moving and tells them to sit down. After a few minutes, the wolf picks another wolf (usually the opposite sex) from the students still standing.

Melody Ideas

2nd graders learn this song and demonstrate the melodic direction on their bodies. Students seem to do better with large motor movements than the Curwen hand signs at this age. (Don’t get me wrong: I still use Curwen hand signs.) So, for “so,” students touch their shoulders, for “la,” they touch their heads, and they pat knees for “mi.”

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