Lei Onaona


Maika’i Pâhoa nani a ipu
Pili i ka lae ao
Leleiwi `Oni ana Mokuola, kau i ke kai
Lei onaona Puna i keala me ka hînano

I laila (hoi pono iho)
Hoi pono iho (ka`i ini)
I ka nani (ka paia `ala)
Ka paia `ala, (`ala a’o Puna)

Translation – Fragrant Garland

Beautiful Pahoa, glory of ipu
Close to the pounding of Leleiwi point
Mokuola stirs, resting in the sea
Puna is a fragrant garland, suffused in the
Fragrance of the pandanus blossom

There (to return directly)
To return directly (yearning)
Beautiful (bowers suffused in fragrance)
Bowers suffused in fragrance (fragrant Puna)

Verse 1, stanza 2, Leleiwi is a cape near Hilo where an ancient fishing heiau named Pûhala (pandanus tree) once stood.
Stanza 3, Mokuola (island of life ) is Coconut island in Hilo Bay. It was a custom to go to Mokuola and fill gourds with spring water from the island. It is believed the water has healing qualities. Verse 2, stanza 4, paia is the wall or sides of houses. Many grass houses used bracts of hînano (male pandanus blossom) to perfume the rooms. (Translated by Lalepa Koga Music)

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