Alphabet Song


(Canadian folk song, Newfoundland)

1. A was an apple which growed on a tree, and “B” was a baby so good as could be,
And “C” was a cat with her kittens did play, and “D” was a dog and his name was Old Trey.

2. “E” was an eagle so fierce and so free, and “F” was a fish deep down in the sea,
And “G” was a goat with her gamboling tricks, and “H” was a hen with her dear little chicks.

3. “I” was an isle where no prayer could I hear, and “J” was a jug full of water so clear,
And “K” was a kite flew high in the air, And “L” was a lion just come out from the lair.

4. “M” was a moth through the flame it did fly, and “N” was a nest where six pretty eggs lie,
And “O” was an ox who loved grass and fresh hay, and “P” was a pig fond of eating all day.

5. “Q” is our Queen and long may she live, and “R” was a robin some crumbs may she give,
And “S” was a swan with her white downy wing, And “T” was a tulip first out in the spring.

6. “U” was umbrella to shelter from rain, and “V” was a vase sweet flower to contain,
And “W” was a watch ladies wear by their side, and “X” was the cross on which a good man had died.
(repeat melody of last two phrases)
And “Y” was the yoke on the neck for to place, and “Z” was a zebra just come from the race.

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