Lyrics - Choctaw

(Native American folk song, Choctaw)

Yo-bee-hee-yah, (repeat)
Yo-ha ha!

English Translation

“yoha” means “shift” – The men stand in a line and the women stand in another line facing the men. They all move their hands up and down at the same time, like shaking a basket filled with corn. The men would say “yoha”, and the women responded “ha.” “The syllables transcribed with the song are probably adaptations of these words.” (source)


Formation: Students stand in two lines facing each other.

As steps are taken, dancers raise and lower hands as if they are shaking corn from a basket.

Measure 1 – Everyone stomp with right foot one step forward, followed by the left foot stepping next to the right foot. (Lean over, looking down)

Measure 2 – Everyone stomp with left foot one step forward, then left foot placed next to the right foot.

Measures 3-7 – Continue to repeat the above pattern (total of seven steps forward). Make sure to take small steps and start back far enough to give enough space for steps forward.

Repeat the song and take seven steps backward instead of forward.

Option: If space is limited, only sing the song once, taking four steps forward and three slightly larger steps back.

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