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(Hebrew folk song)

Shalom Chaverim, shalom chaverim,
Shalom, shalom
L’hit-rah-oat, L’hit-rah-oat
Shalom, shalom

English Translation - Peace friends

Peace (hello) friends, hello friends
Peace, peace
Goodbye, goodbye
Peace, peace

Hebrew – שלום חברים

שלום חברים, שלום חברים
שלום, שלום
להתראות, להתראות

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16 thoughts on “Shalom Chaverim”

  1. I sang this at junior School but, as a small child, never grasped the Hebrew and, consequently, ‘made up’ something that sounded similar so I could sing this song, which I absolutely loved. Tonight, for the first time in, oh, 41 years or so, I have come across the real thing. As an adult, I heard this sung at Church but the bit I used to make up was replaced with ‘peace be unto you’, which did give me a sensible alternative to my childhood/ish attempt to make sense of it ‘la hip ry a o’ (!) but here I am, all these long years later with the original Hebrew. Thank you so much! L’ hit – rah – oat, l’hit – rah – oat! (All I need now is the correct pronunciation!)
    Hopefully I’ll get that before another 41 years passed ☺️

    1. Amazing. Mine is exactly the same. This song came up in my mind ever so often and took my back. I attended an Afrikaans school in South Africa so had no idea what it meant but really liked it. This morning this song just pop up in my mind again and I thought let me see if there is someone on the web regarding the meaning. Just amazing. Thanks

    2. Wow I’ve had the same experience, the doing just popped up in my head and I googled what I thought it sounded like and it magically managed to suggest some typos and there it was! So I either learned this decades ago at primary school in the Netherlands, or high school in the UK. I also found some interesting info on the meaning and lyrics translations into English on this other site if that’s useful for anyone:

  2. Jeffrey greenbaum

    Shalom Pauline, I have had the same experience except it’s been almost 60 years since Hebrew school. I had no idea what the songs meant and less interest. Now the things I heard in Hebrew school and growing up (for instance hava nagila) knock me over! I realize God is speaking to me from 60 years ago.. shalom caverim!

  3. I’ve had a vague memory of this song from when I was about 10 years old. There was a family that moved in to the building where I was living that had just come to the USA from Israel. They had two daughters around the same age as me and we became friends. They would invite me for dinner every now and again. I remember singing this song with them. Every once in a while I’d sing to myself but of course the lyrics I would sing were somewhat close in sound. Hearing this brings back fond memories of years gone by.

    1. I remember the song from secondary school, And having just watched the dimbleby show about belsen came back to me.

  4. My kids are in second grade and just had a winter chorus concert. It seems this song is a favorite for this generation also. Shalom Chaverim!

  5. I learned this song when I taught in Catholic school, to sing at Christmas. The English second verse was: Glad tidings we bring of peace on earth, good will towards men, of peace on earth, of peace on earth, good will towards men.
    Thank you for the correct translation.

  6. We sang this in rounds in Girl Scout camp almost 60 years ago. It popped into my head yesterday while working in the garden and I knew “we eat dry oats” sounded sort of close but was so wrong I had to look up what the actual words were. Thank you for this translation and the recording!

  7. Sang this in elementary school choir and i have always sung this to myself brining me back to some great times (: forgot the pronunciation and looked it up finally, loved reading all these heart warming memories!

  8. I sang this I’m junior school every week I always need what it ment and now sing it to my grandchildren as a lullaby

  9. The song continues! I sang this as a child many, many years ago in Sunday school and will teaching it to children as part of our VBS program next week on the last time as we have Paul say goodbye to Lydia in our story time. Can’t wait to introduce and new generation to an old song so much meaning in very simple words. Peace, my friends.

  10. I had a vague memory of this song. I was in sixth grade when our music teacher taught us this song. We used to clap and tap the table while singing. Though I can’t remember well the lyrics but I am pretty sure I sang this in tune. This reminds me how happy my childhood was.

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