Careless Love


Careless Love was one of the best known pieces in the repertory of the Buddy Bolden band in New Orleans, Louisiana in the early 1900s, and has remained a jazz standard and blues standard. (source)


(American folk song)

1. Love, oh love, oh careless love.
Love, oh love, oh careless love.
Oh, it’s love, oh love, oh care-less love,
Just see what love has done to me.

2. Sorrow, sorrow to my heart.
Sorrow, sorrow to my heart.
Oh, it’s sorrow, sorrow to my heart
When me and my true love must part.

3. It’s a pity that we met…
For those good times we’ll never forget.

4. Cried last night and the night before…
Going to cry tonight and I’ll cry no more.

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