Lyrics - Spanish

(Mexican folk song)

1. Salió el sapo a cantar
A cantar a orillas del agua,
y los mosquitos salieron
A rondar, a rondar.

2. El sapo se molestaba,
Los mosquitos se alegraban,
Porque seguían cantado,
A bailar, a bailar.

3. Mientras más vueltas le daban
El sapo más se mareaba,
Y los mosquitos cantaban
A bailar, a bailar.

4. Y entonces el baile
Lo hizo enojar
Y todos los moscos
Se puso a tragar.

English Translation – The toad

The toad came out to sing,
To sing by the waterside,
And some mosquitoes came out
To hang around, hang around.

The toad was getting annoyed,
The mosquitoes were getting happy
For they kept singing,
“Let’s dance, let’s dance”.

The more they were flying around,
The sicker the toad was getting,
And the mosquitoes were singing,
“Let’s dance, let’s dance”
And the mosquitoes were singing,
“Let’s dance, let’s dance”.

Then the dance
Made him angry
And he started to eat
All the mosquitoes.


The children hold hands and form a circle. A child goes in the middle, he’s “the toad” the others being “the mosquitoes”. They sing while going around in a circle, changing direction at every verse. At the end of the song, the toad chases the other children and the first child he catches becomes the new “toad”. (source)

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