Dry Weather Houses


(Jamaican folk song)

Dry weather houses are not worth a cent
And yet we have to pay so much for rent.

1. One Monday morning a landlord went,
To a tenant to get his rent,
But the tenant say, “Massa me no fool,
Me no pay no rent, fe no swimmin’ pool.”

2. Look at the room you rent me to live,
The whole of the roof is just like a sieve.
When rain come if I sleep too sound,
So help me king, I shure wud a’ drowned.

3. Some of the rooms they rent out, you know,
Is just like a big scorpion depot.
If you go to bed and you don’t take a oath,
Middle of the night cockroach cut your throat.

4. Some of the rooms, the way them so small,
You can’t even turn inside them at all.
When you want to turn you have to go outside,
Turn your turn and go back inside.

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