Castle of Dromore


This lullaby is one of the oldest extant Irish songs, lulling a child to sleep with a prayer for safety against the wild weather and “Clan Eoin’s wild Banshee.” The song, Castle Of Dromore is sometimes called October Winds. There are at least four castles named Castle of Dromore or Dromore Castle in the counties Down, Kerry, Limerick and Tyrone. Several discussions on the Internet are dedicated to pinpoint the geographical location of the lullaby Castle of Dromore without decisive outcome. Without solid proof Dromore Castle, in County Tyrone is taking the lead. Clan Owen in the second verse refers to the descendants of Eoghan, anglicised in Owen. This clan once possessed the counties Tyrone, or Tir Eoghan, and Derry and parts of County Donegal. The presence of a black water in County Tyrone is circumstantial evidence as there are dozens of black waters on Ireland. The banshee point towards a fairy-like vicious woman originating from or serving Clan Owen (perhaps some sort of clan ghost). (source)


The October winds lament
Around the castle of Dromore
Yet peace is in her lofty halls
My loving treasure store
Though Autumn leaves may droop and die
a bud of spring are you sing hush-a-by
Loo, la-lo, la lan
Sing hush-a-by loo la lo

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