Cape Cod Chantey


(Sea shanty)

1. Cape Cod girls, they have no combs,
Heave away, heave away.
They comb their hair with codfish bones,
We are bound for Australia!

Heave away, ye bully, bully boys,
Heave away, heave away,
Heave away and don’t ye make a noise,
We are bound for Australia.

2. Cape Cod boys, they have no sleds.
Heave away, heave away.
They slide downhill on codfish heads.
We are bound for Australia. Refrain

3. Cape Cod men, they have no sails….
They sail their boats with codfish tails…. Refrain

4. Cape Cod wives, they have no pins…
They pin their gowns with codfish fins…. Refrain

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