Cajemé was a prominent Yaqui military leader who lived in the Mexican state of Sonora from 1835 to 1887. (source)

Lyrics - Spanish

(Mexican folk song)

1. ¡Que bonito Río de Mayo! (repeat)
Métanse, que no esta hondo.
Les traemos un guaymeño (repeat)
Que les dé vuelta en redondo.

2. Ese don Lorenzo Torres (repeat)
Es un hombre muy cobarde
Para entregar a Cajemé (repeat)
Primero lo hizo compadre.

3. Dicen que Cajemé ha muerto,
No es verdad, no ha muerto nada
Anda con todos sus Indios para la Sierra Mojada.

English Translation

1. How beautiful is the Mayo River (in Sonora)
Get in, because it’s not deep.
We bring a Guamanian with us
They turn them around.

2. That boss Lorenzo Torres
He is a very cowardly man
To deliver Cajemé
First he made him a godfather / good friend.

3. They say Cajemé has died
It is not true; he has not died.
He’s walking with all of the the Indians toward the Sierra Mojada (a city in the north-eastern Mexican state of Coahuila). (source)

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