Lyrics - Spanish

(Mexican folk song)

Al citron de un fandango,
Sango, sango, sabaré, sabaré
De la rodela con su trikitriki tron.

These words have no meaning.

Stone-Passing Game

Pass the stone to the right (or left, as the video below shows) on the downbeats and pick up the stones on the in-between beats. On the penultimate measure, instead of releasing the stone, tap the stone to the right, tap in front, and then release it.

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4 thoughts on “Al citron”

  1. Hi Beth, I am looking for the original source of this.. do you know where it comes from and is it published somewhere?
    Thanks for your reply!

    1. Aimee,
      This song is in the public domain, and it’s a folk song, so I’m guessing no one really knows the original source. It might be published in various music books, but it doesn’t have a copyright.

      1. Cathy Maddox Glaser

        This song is in the 4th grade edition from the Music & You series by McMillan. It’s an old music series, but I still love to use the songs in it.

    2. Yes, thanks so very much.. I couldn’t find a source for it either and I have a student from Argentina who does a hand clapping activity with this!

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