Boll Weevil


(Folk song)

1. Oh the boll weevil am a little black bug, come from Mexico they say;
Come all the way to Texas, Jes’ a-lookin’ for a place to stay,

Jes’ a-lookin’ for a home (repeat three times)

2. De first time I seen the boll weevil, He was settin’ on de square (part of plant),
De next time I seen de boll weevil had all of his family there. Refrain

3. De farmer take de boll weevil, an’ he put him in the de hot san’,
De weevil say, “Dis is mighty hot, but I’ll stand it like a man.” Refrain

4. De farmer take de boll weevil, an’ he put him on a lump of ice;
De weevil say to de farmer, “Dis is mighty cool and nice.” Refrain

5. De boll weevil say to the farmer, “You can ride in dat Ford machine.”
But when I get through wid yo’ cotton, can’t buy no gasoline.” Refrain

6. De merchant got half de cotton, de boll weevil got de rest,
Didn’t leave the farmer’s wife but one old cotton dress. Refrain

7. De farmer say to the merchant, “We’s in an wful fix,
De boll weevil eat all de cotton up an’ lef’ us only sticks.” Refrain

8. De farmer say to de merchant, “I want some meat and meal,”
“Get away from here you son of a gun, you got weevils in yo’fiel’.” Refrain

9. De farmer say to de merchant, “We ain’t made but one bale,
An’ before we give you dat one, we’ll fight and go to jail.” Refrain

I modified the lyrics (for members below).


  • Song with chords, Adapted Version (PDF)
  • MIDI file
  • Listen to the song

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