Kapulu, pulu kane, (repeat twice) ku ka nalua


That careless messy man, a very messy man.
No doubt that every one can plainly see, indeed!

Puili Stick Motions

Partners sit cross-legged on the floor, facing each other, each with a puili stick in each hand.

Ms. 1 – Click sticks with partner’s sticks (2x)
Click own sticks together (2x)

Ms. 2 – Repeat ms. 1

Ms. 3 – Repeat ms. 1

Ms. 4 – Hit sticks on the floor next to legs (right stick next to right leg, left next to left) (4x)

Ms. 5 – Repeat ms. 1

Ms. 6 – Repeat ms. 1

Ms. 7 – Repeat ms. 1

Ms. 8 – Hit sticks on the floor next to legs (2x), Click own sticks together high in the air (1x)

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