Mi chacra / My Farm


1. Vengan a ver mi chacra, que es hermosa. (repeat)
El pollito hace así: pipiri. (repeat)
Oh ven, camarada, ven, camarada, ven oh ven, oh ven. (repeat)

2. El cochino hace así (oink oink)

3. El perrito hace así (woof, woof)

4. Y el toro hace así (mooooo)


Come and see my farm, for it is beautiful (repeat)
The chicken goes like this: “pee-pee-ree” (repeat)
Oh come, my friend, oh come, my friend, oh come oh come oh come. (repeat)

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5 thoughts on “Mi chacra / My Farm”

  1. remember learning this song with different animal sounds from what we say in the states. The chicks said “pio, pio” but I don’t remember the others and I am having a hard time finding non-Americanized versions. Does anyone know?

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