Ya ya we, ya ya we, ya ya we
Ya ha we

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  • Song with chords, Lesson ideas, Orff arrangement for Boomwhacker/Glockenspiel/Recorder – notes: E,G,A,B) Countermelody¬†(PDF)
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6 thoughts on “Ya Ya We”

  1. Beth, I love your posts and have found so many wonderful ideas on your site! I was wondering if you know which Native American culture this song comes from? My students are specifically learning about Native Americans of the Eastern Woodlands, so I know they would be interested to know which culture this song comes from. I searched it online and couldn’t figure it out…

  2. Jonathan Rappaport

    Thank you for sharing this song which is in the unusual scale of mi pentatonic (rarely found, but occasionally in native-Amnerican songs). Do you have an original source for this song you could share? Thanks.

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