Pokarekare Ana


This song was popular with Maori solders in 1915-17 preparing to go to WWI. (source) I’ve also seen it described as New Zealand’s “Unofficial Anthem.”


Pokare kare ana
Nga wai o waiapu
Whiti atu koe hine
Marino ana e.
E hine e, Hoki maira.
Kamate au i te aro ha e.


The waves are breaking, against the shores of Waiapu,
My heart is aching, for your return my love.
Oh my beloved girl, come back to me,
I could die of love for you. (source)

Singable English

Waves breaking on the coral,
white foam and blue water,
Stirring deep within my heart
the longing I feel.
Oh my beloved, come soon to me.
Sail over the waters of the tropical sea.

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