1st Grade Rhythm Lessons 14-18

Each lesson is 30 minutes long.

Lesson 14 – Rhythm

Lesson 15 – Rhythm

  • School Song / Welcome Song
  • Columbus Sailed – singing game, assess more students
  • Hearts on the board
    • Practice some rhythms with “ta” and “rest”
  • In and Out
    • Drums on board and chant on “ta”
    • Add drums
  • If time, introduce Naughty Kitty Cat

Lesson 16

  • Welcome Song
  • Write | | (“knick knack” = “ta ta”) on board.
  • Show instrument cards:
    • Demonstrate how to play:
      • tambourine, hand drum, triangle, wood block
  • Sing This Old Man (verse 1)
    • clap on “knick knack”
    • practice passing inst back on “give the dog a bone”
  • Put students in 4 lines (about 5 kids in each).
    • Sing, then change lines until everyone plays each instrument.
    • Ask students to remember the names of the instruments.
  • Naughty Kitty Cat

Lesson 17

  • Welcome Song
  • Muffin Man
    • Sing song, add 8-beat interlude “yum” as I point to muffins on poster.
    • Students stand in a circle, march in place while singing (then, march around circle)
    • I tap student who goes up front & takes off 1 muffin – later 2.
    • Students say “yum” and whisper “rest”
  • Going Over the Sea
    • Students stand in a circle, add motions
    • Show PowerPoint, discuss rhyming words
  • Naughty Kitty Cat

Lesson 18

  • Welcome Song
  • Heart patterns on board (ta and rest)
  • Muffin Man – same as last time
  • John the Rabbit  – teach “oh yes” = “ta ta”
    • In a call-response type of way, I tell the students that whenever I point to them, they must sing “oh yes” and patsch two “ta’s” on their knees. Sing a few times until they get used to it.
    • Sing and pat knees
  • Going Over the Sea
  • Naughty Kitty Cat

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