Does anyone else do Character Counts? I found/edited songs for each of the character traits and taught my Chorus to sing them for the school assemblies – and the other students learned the refrains to sing along.

  • For TRUSTWORTHINESS, I use the song Trust is a Must Blues by Roger Emerson. Cute song!
  • For RESPECT, I use the song R-E-S-P-E-C-T by Roger Emerson – not the Aretha version, but very cute also!
  • For RESPONSIBILITY, I use the tune of a Spiritual and wrote my own words. Click here.
  • For FAIRNESS, I adapted the song Sing About Martin by Jackie Weissman, since we use the word “fairness” to discuss Martin Luther King Jr.  I add “Sing about fairness,” instead of one of the phrases in the song.
  • For CARING, I use Lean on Me by Bill Withers.
  • For CITIZENSHIP, I use Save the Planet by Gene Grier & Lowell Everson (Silver Burdett, Gr.3, CD 4-21). (I changed the verses to say: “We’ll do our share to help the school and our community. Cooperate and stay informed. Respect authority!”)

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