Bate bate chocolate
Con arroz y con tomate
Uno dos tres CHO
Uno dos tres CO
Uno dos tres LA
Uno dos tres TE
Chocolate chocolate chocolate chocolate!


Beat beat chocolate
With rice and tomato (This makes a popular sauce called “mole.”)
One two three – CHO…

Lesson ideas

Review Abiyoyo and remember what country it’s from. Review Mama Paquita and find Brazil on the map again. Play a song like this one while the students guess what country it’s from. Find Mexico on the map.

  • Teach Bate Bate Chocolate in Spanish. Make up a hand jive to go with it.
  • Do you know what (non-sweet) chocolate mixed with tomato and rice is? Mole!
  • To distinguish the difference between quarter and eighth notes, you can change “uno” to “un'” – see below.
  • Then we dance La Raspa!

Extras for Plus Members

  • Chant (PDF)