Bate bate chocolate
Con arroz y con tomate
Uno dos tres CHO
Uno dos tres CO
Uno dos tres LA
Uno dos tres TE
Chocolate chocolate chocolate chocolate!


Beat beat chocolate
With rice and tomato [This makes a popular sauce called “mole” – pronounced “mo-leh”] One two three…

Lesson ideas

Review Abiyoyo and remember what country it’s from. Review Mama Paquita and find Brazil on the map again. Play a song like this one while the students guess what country it’s from. Find Mexico on the map.

  • Teach Bate Bate Chocolate in Spanish. Make up a hand jive to go with it.
  • Do you know what (non-sweet) chocolate mixed with tomato and rice is? Mole!
  • To distinguish the difference between quarter and eighth notes, you can change “uno” to “un'” – see below.
  • Then we dance La Raspa!

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